[The Orin Family]
[Bennie Orin February 2, 1924 - May 14, 2006]

Bennie Orin
February 2, 1924 - May 14, 2006

[Dovie, Bennie and Tony Orin]

Dovie and Bennie with Grandson Tony

[Steve's Resume]

Steve is looking for a new career opportunity

[Carrie and Phil Wedding]

Carrie and Phil's Wedding
AUGUST 7, 2005

[Chandra and Aaron Wedding]

Chandra and Aaron's Wedding
NOVEMBER 19, 2005

[Trevor Carlton & Stephen Reis create Tinkerbell in 30 minutes]

Pacific View Gallery Event

[Daily musings from Phil regarding health and fitness]

Phil's Gym Chatroom

[Jan and Steve Orin - Christmas 2005]

Jan and Steve with cool Christmas presents

[Ben and Ashley Orin]

Ben and Ashley happy to be together

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